Why do I need an IRAP assessment?


The Information Security Registered Assessors Program (IRAP), is maintained by the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) to protect government information.

Organisations that store or process government information within their systems must undergo an IRAP assessment from a verified assessor, and be formally accredited with an IRAP Certification and Accreditation.

An IRAP Assessment will identify gaps within your system security, and quantify your risk of vulnerability. If your systems are IRAP Certified, your organisation is recognised as meeting the high-level security requirement required for securing sensitive data. 

This opens up business opportunities with Government agencies and departments who only deal with IRAP Certified suppliers.


Ensure your system is secured and accredited with an experienced irap assessment partner

Getting an IRAP Certification is necessary for organisations that work with sensitive, or Government data. 

Depending on the size and scope of your operation, a formal IRAP Assessment can be very resource intensive. However, there are avenues to reduce the scope of assessment to speed up the process. 

Which is why you need an IRAP Assessment Partner who can determine the most appropriate and efficient way to get certified, and support you throughout your journey.

At Security Centric, our trained IRAP Assessors identify the gaps in your systems security – and our team of cyber security engineers are here to help you close them.

With our ongoing support and assistance throughout the assessment and remediation phase, Security Centric can ensure that your systems’ IRAP Assessment and Certification is conducted efficiently and correctly.



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Get IRAP accredited with Security Centric

our team of highly trained and experienced irap assessors will be with you each step of the way

Step 1:  Audit


Step 2: Remediation


Step 3: IRAP Certification

  • Review the target environment and develop a custom process based on your current systems and the scope of the accreditation


  • Conduct gap-analysis to identify areas of non-compliance


  • Review and assess the non-compliant and individual controls within your existing system


  • Develop an assessment report and plan for remediation
  • Develop a practical remediation roadmap to ensure identified gaps are securely closed


  • Receive real remediation support from our team of cyber security engineers to ensure the process is completed correctly and efficiently


  • Continue to support, guide and assist you throughout the remediation process



  • Assess the effectiveness of the remediation implementation


  • Develop a formal IRAP assessment report and deliver it to your certification authority


  • Get your environment accredited with a formal IRAP Certification








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